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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

On this day in Scottish History

24 November

1996 - Sorley MacLean, the noted Scottish poet widely regarded as the greatest Gaelic poet of the Twentieth Century, died.

MacLean is credited with giving a new literary standing to a language which at times seemed close to extinction. Famous works of his include Dain do Eimhir agus Dain Eile (Poems to Eimhir and Other Poems), a selection of mainly love poems written after MacLean returned from service in North Africa in 1943.

1572 - John Knox, the leading light of the Scottish Reformation, died. Knox had been taught by Calvin in Switzerland and was a fierce champion of Presbyterianism. It was Knox's sermon at St John's Kirk in Perth that set the fire of the Reformation ablaze in Scotland, and also led to the iconoclasm that destroyed much of the nation's artistic heritage.

1542 - The Scots army was defeated at the Rout of Solway Moss. King James V had sent a huge force of 10,000 men into England which was defeated by an English force under the command of Sir Thomas Wharton. James died shortly afterward, and was succeeded to the throne by his baby daughter, Mary, Queen of Scots.

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