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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

On this day in Scottish History

23 November

On this day in 1909 the historical novelist, Nigel Tranter, was born in Glasgow.

Tranter is known as the most prolific Scottish writer of all time, leaving five books written but not yet published at his death. His novels were all based around Scottish history, and many Scots felt that their first introduction to their own history came through these books.

You can read more about Nigel Tranter and
his work here.

On this day in 1844 Thomas Henderson, the famous Scottish astronomer, died. Henderson was the first person to measure the parallax, or distance, of a star (alpha centauri), from the Earth, and from the Sun. Henderson went on to become the first Astronomer Royal of Scotland.

Did you know that The 1830s version of the "space race" was to be the first person to measure the distance to a star using parallax?

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