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Monday, 25 July 2011

What makes Scotland so Bonnie anyway?

Everyone's used to referring to Scotland - that land north of the border - as Bonnie Scotland, but why?

Like so much of Scottish culture, the person most frequently credited/blamed for inventing the whole notion of Bonnie Scotland is Sir Walter Scott, author of Rob Roy. Scott was the first English-language author to have a truly international career in his lifetime, with many contemporary readers in Europe, Australia, and North America.

Bonnie Scotland is also the name of a 1935 American film starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, produced by Hal Roach and directed by James W. Horne. Although the film begins in Scotland, a large part of the action is actually set in British India.

The song Bonnie Scotland was written for and dedicated to all Scots wherever in the world they may be found. It is performed by ‘Tapsalteerie’ a wee group of friends of Saskia and India from Gourock. They are Rosie, Jennifer, Fiona, Emma, Jack and Fergus. You can find out more about them here.

You can find out more about Sir Walter Scott and his legacy to the Scots people in Scottish Miscellany: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Scotland the Brave.

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