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Friday, 5 February 2010

Welcome to the book of the blog

And, in case you're wondering, that book is Scottish Miscellany: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Scotland the Brave, to be published by Skyhorse Publishing, this Fall, and written by me - Jonathan Green.

Last year Skyhorse published another of my books, called Christmas Miscellany: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Christmas. It has it's own blog here.

But back to this blog and my new book...

As you have probably worked out for yourself by now it's going to answer all those questions you've ever had about Scottish culture, Scotland and the Scots themselves.

What do Scotsmen wear under their kilts? What is a haggis, really? Why is Robert Burns so celebrated by Scots around the world? Is there really a monster in Loch Ness? And how does Sean Connery get away with using the same Scottish accent no matter what role he's playing?

All these questions - and more! - will be answered in the book (except maybe the one about Sean Connery) which will also include recipes, poems and interesting snippets of factual information from time to time.

So keep an eye on this blog over the coming months as I start to look at all things Scottish and when you drop by, why not leave me a comment and say 'Hi!'?

Until next time...

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